Welcome to:

St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church

5100 Coliseum Street, LA, CA 90016

Office:  (323) 292-0471      Fax:  (323) 292-0937

Our Mission Statement

St. Paul’s Mission Statement St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church is a congregation of Christians bound by God’s love, who trust and obey Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. The mission of St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church is:

To be the hands and feet of God in this world.

To bring God’s healing love to hurting people.

To bring the joy of being a Christian to a sad world.

To bring wisdom and knowledge to an unaware world.

To bring good news to the poor;

To honor the earth as God’s creation;

To preach peace, as Jesus did;

To be the only Jesus most people will ever meet!

We affirm ourselves as a community of diversity, seeking to provide for inclusiveness as a visible sign of God’s continuing reformation of the church.


Church Staff​ :

Reverend Glenn L. Jones

Music Director ~ Mr. Richard Turner, Jr.

Administrative Assistant ~ Mrs. Erika Jones 

Accountant ~ Ms. Karen Heads

Sexton ~ Mrs. Veronica Casillas


Sunday Adult School ~ 10 am

Worship Time: Sunday ~ 11 am

Children’s Sunday Church ~ 11:15am

Fellowship Hour immediately following