St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church

5100 Coliseum Street, LA, CA 90016

Office:  (323) 292-0471

Email:  stpaulschurchla@sbcglobal.net

St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church is a place where all are welcome with  open arms to experience the power and presence of God. We invite people of all diversities to become a part of our community of loving, caring and compassionate Christian fellowship of believers, as you deepen your faith in the living spirit of Jesus Christ.

Our Church has been a vital part of the Baldwin Hills area of Los Angeles, CA since 1951. We are a church with an “open door” policy, welcoming all people  to worship with us.
We are a covenant community, demonstrated by the love of our members for one another, sharing in worship, fellowship and nurture, practicing a deepened life of prayer and service under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

We believe that all are one in the sight of God and work through our diverse ministries to spread his message of love, hope, peace and joy.  There is a place for everyone here in God’s House. Please join us!

    Wheelchair Accessible

Church Staff​ :

Pastor – Reverend Glenn L. Jones

Music Director – Mr. Richard Turner, Jr.

Administrative Assistant – Mrs. Erika Jones 

Accountant – Ms. Karen Heads

Sexton – Mrs. Veronica Casillas

Come Worship with Us:

Online Services:

Sunday – 11 am

Telephone Conferencing Worship Service

Contact church office for telephone conferencing number.

Last Sunday of the month – 3 pm

Zoom Fellowship Hour

Contact church office for Zoom login information.

Wednesday – 11 am

Telephone Conferencing Prayer Service

Contact church office for telephone conferencing number.

Live Services:

Sunday Adult School – 10 am      (to resume after COVID-19 restrictions)
Worship Time: Sunday – 11 am    (to resume after COVID-19 restrictions)
Children’s Church – 11:15am       (to resume after COVID-19 restrictions)
Fellowship Hour immediately following  (to resume after COVID-19 restrictions)