News Letter: September 3, 2014

 St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church

                                         September 3, 2014


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St. Paul’s Weekly E-Newsletter

“Where Two or  Three are Gathered” this Sunday

 Jesus promises us in our lectionary text for this week, Matthew 18: 15-20, that where two or three are gathered he will be in our midst.  He also offers some advise on how to deal with our differences.  We will  receive Lurine Maxwell into membership by reaffirmation of her faith and this is communion Sunday .  Communion servers are elders Mary Porter, Delores Henry, John Ketch, Yvonne Stewart and deacon Myrtle Weeks.

A Prayer for Children Returning to School

Dear God, thank you for the gift of children. Please watch over them as they go back to school this year. Keep them safe every day. Help them to remember that you are right there with them in the halls and classrooms. Help them soak up good knowledge and dismiss any negative or worldly messages they may hear. Help them treat others with kindness and respect, and to guard their hearts with the armor of Your Word. Give them joy and peace as they put their trust in you. Amen.                                                       

‘Embracing God’s Mission’  Set for Sept. 27th

“Engaging Faithfully in Reconciliation and Peacemaking in Cultures of Violence” is the theme for the mission gathering being sponsored by Pacific Presbytery on September 27th.  This event is being held at Knox Presbyterian Church from 8:30 AM to 2:15 PM.  The suggested cost is a $15 donation  and child care will be provided. Registration is on-line at and the deadline is September 12th.  Call 310-670-5076 for more information.

 New Cluster Groups

Our Parish Clusters have been reorganized, so be sure to check your new 2014 Directory (available on the table in the back of the sanctuary) to find out your cluster number and who your cluster leader is.

Part 123

Being Presbyterian

In this column last week I introduced you to “A Social Creed for the 21st Century.” Written in 1908 to address bad labor practices and adopted with revisions by our PC(USA) General Assembly in 2008, it speaks very boldly to our present day world.  The second section states:

In the love incarnate in Jesus, despite the world’s sufferings and evils, we honor the deep connections within our human family and seek to awaken a new spirit of community, by working for:

  • Abatement of hunger and poverty, and enactment of policies benefiting the most vulnerable.
  • High quality public education for all and universal, affordable and accessible healthcare.
  • An effective program of social security during sickness, disability and old age.
  • Tax and budget policies that reduce disparities between rich and poor, strengthen democracy, and provide greater opportunity for everyone within the common good.
  • Just immigration policies that protect family unity, safeguard worker’s rights, require employer accountability, and foster international cooperation.
  • Sustainable community marked by affordable housing, access to good jobs, and public safety.
  • Public service as a high vocation, with real limits on the power of private interest in politics.

We have received the sad word that a  former sexton for St. Paul’s, Stan Shaw, passed into the next life on  August 26, 2014.  Please keep his family in your prayers during this time of transition.


Do You Know the Bible?

The answers to last weeks questions: (1) Nazareth (2) day six (3) Mary Magdalene (4) Philip (5) 52 days (6) a rainbow.

  1. What animal tempted Eve into eating the forbidden fruit?
  2. What woman was entered into a show for the king much like a beauty pageant and then became queen?
  3. What disciple betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver?
  4. What was the name of the blind beggar whom Jesus and his disciples met on the road from Jericho?
  5. Where did Joseph go after his brothers sold him into slavery?
  6. What was the secret of Samson’s great strength?