News Letter: October 1, 2014

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World Communion Sunday

St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church


St. Paul’s Weekly E-Newsletter

 October 1, 2014

World Communion Sunday this Week

St. Paul’s will be celebrating communion this Sunday with Christians around the world.  Our communion servers will be Joyce Dixon, Billie Land, Palmer Smith, Minnie McGriff and Helen Ketch. The lectionary text for this week is Exodus 20:1-20 which some of you will recognize as the ten commandments.  It is suggested that we wear “native dress” this Sunday.  Our Fellowship Hour will feature breads from around the world. World communion Sunday began in 1973.


Peacemaking Offering this Sunday

There are many powers and principalities at play in the world that divide us. They exist among the nations, in our communities, throughout congregations, in the midst of households across the globe, and within ourselves. Through these divisions we as God’s children become broken. Paul’s letter to the Ephesians describes peace as a spiritual bonding agent, holding us together through the love of Christ. It restores our fractured pieces to a whole, creating a connection between us. Through this, we experience the unity of the spirit in the bond of peace.

The Peacemaking Offering funds the Presbyterian Peacemaking Program enabling us to engage with International Peacemakers, hold conferences, and advocate for active nonviolent solutions to conflict. Please participate in this special offering and help make the Season of Peace a time to renew your commitment and reaffirm your calling to peacemaking.

The Stewardship Way of Life

God has given us all that we have:  life, health and property, the earth and the gospel.  EVERYTHING is a gift from God.  When Jesus invites us to be disciples that includes our role as stewards.  We are called to commit our hearts and minds — our whole being– to God!  Being a good steward is part of discipleship and making a generous financial pledge to St. Paul’s is a part of discipleship.  Being a good steward means being generous with our time, talent and treasure.  It is an expression of love and an honor to support the ministry of St. Paul’s.  Bring or mail your pledge card to the church this week.

Service of Celebration

The NBPSC Service of Celebration is scheduled for October 26th at 3:30 PM at Knox Presbyterian Church.  Plan to attend this inspiring annual     event.


 Part 127

Being Presbyterian

This Sunday is World Communion Sunday. Presbyterians were early initiators of this world-wide service of remembrance which started back in 1973.  The sacrament of the Lord’s Supper is a central act of worship in Presbyterian churches.  It is called an outward and visible sign and seal of the promises God makes in the gospel of Jesus Christ. These promises are received by faith as church members eat the bread and drink the wine, representing Jesus’ body and blood (I Cor. 11:23-26). The sacrament nourishes the faith of believers in the church community and this Sunday unites Presbyterians with all other Christians around the world.

The Lord’s Supper is also called Communion or the Eucharist.  “The “elements” of the Lord’s Supper  are the bread and the wine (or grape juice).  The bread may be a loaf of bread or individual pieces of bread.  The wine/juice may be used from a common cup or individual cups.

When we participate in communion we  join others in the church as people who have received the “new covenant” in Jesus Christ (I Cor. 11:25). We also remember Jesus’ death and resurrection (I Cor. 11:24) and by faith receive the benefits of all that Jesus has done for us (John 6:53-58).  We also celebrate the return of Jesus and the coming reign of God (I Cor. 11:26) when we celebrate the Lord’s Supper.  Plan to join us this Sunday.


Saturday, October 18th, the author of the new PW Bible Study   “Reconciling Paul,” Elizabeth Hinson-Hasty, will be featured at a PW  Gathering from 10 AM to 2 PM at Packard Hall at Westminster Gardens in  Duarte.  All Presbyterian women are welcome.  The cost is $18 which includes lunch and the cost of materials.   See Pastor Ann to register.


Do You Know the Bible?

The answer to last week’s questions:  1) Jacob, 2) five loaves and two fish, 3) John the Baptist, 4) Elisha, 5) He wrote, “His name is John.” on a tablet. 6) Hannah.

  1. What woman loved her mother-in-law so much that she left her own country and followed her mother-in-law to another land?
  2. What was another name that Peter was called?
  3. How many days and nights was Jonah inside the big fish?
  4. When Jesus walked on water, whom did he tell to come and meet him in the middle of the water?
  5. In which books of the Bible is the prayer called “The Lord’s Prayer?”
  6. What terrible king wanted to kill Jesus and all of the baby boys in Bethlehem?