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St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church                                                                               May 7, 2014

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 Mother’s Day this Sunday

The lectionary lifts up the 23rd Psalm almost every year and this Sunday is it.  My sermon title for this Mother’s Day is “Running on Empty” and is the second part of a three part sermon series.  Last Sunday we looked at having a personal relationship with Jesus, this week it is growing our faith through difficult times and on June 1st the topic will be prayer.

Fair Trade Saturday:  Good Coffee for a Good Cause

The Presbyterian Coffee Project offers a special link between congregations and communities around the world. Churches can now reach out to neighbors overseas not only with the prayers and offerings we give, but with the goods and products we purchase. A warm cup of coffee (or tea) in our hands is perhaps the most tangible daily connection we have with farmers around the world. It represents warmth, hospitality, fellowship, hard work and life’s pleasures both fine and simple.

Buying fair trade through the Presbyterian Coffee Project ensures that more of the money we spend on coffee reaches the hardworking farmers who actually grow it. Support small-scale farming cooperatives through the Small Farmer Fund, administered by the Presbyterian Hunger Program.

            Celebrate World  Fair Trade Day on Saturday, May 10th. Order fair trade coffee and t-shirts by visiting             the Global Marketplace at:

Flooring Funding Campaign

Last week we kicked off a Flooring Fundraiser for St. Paul’s. As you may know our sanctuary is about to be refurbished as we repair the water and termite damage and will include new carpet in the sanctuary.  The flooring campaign to celebrate my birthday will be for carpeting and flooring for our front and back offices, the library, the pastor’s office, the choir annex and  perhaps a classroom or two.  For $2.50 per square foot we are hoping to raise enough money to cover 1800 square feet of space.   Make your checks payable to St. Paul’s and write “flooring” on the memo line!

 Recycling this Sunday

Please support AMPT by bringing your recyclable soda bottles and glass jars to St. Paul’s parking lot this Sunday morning at 10AM.  The proceeds of this fundraiser go towards our all-church picnic and honoring our graduates.

Part 108:   Being Presbyterian

This week is Older Adult Week in the PC(USA).  We are asked to recognize and honor the older adults in our community and their commitments to the life, witness and ministry of the church.  I have heard through the “grape-vine” that 2014 marks the 50th anniversary of our own Bernice Riley as a member of St. Paul’s.  I’m sure we could come up with an impressive list of people who have belonged for twenty and thirty years, too!  What a wonderful witness these members provide.

POAMN is the Presbyterian Older Adult Ministries Network, a network of persons who are engaged in ministry with older adults. These people work in presbyteries and synods, they are leaders in congregations, and some serve in specialized ministries such as chaplains in care facilities and presbytery staff who are involved with older adult ministry committees.

A quarterly newsletter gives an update on news concerning older adult ministry in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), program ideas, worship materials, articles on older adult issues and helpful resources for ministry with older adults. PNN is available as a free, printable Adobe Acrobat pdf file, or through POAMN at 

“Building Bridges of Love” is the theme for this summer’s      PW Gathering at Chapman College, July 11th -13th.  All Presbyterian Women are encouraged to      attend this event and a flyer and registration form are available on the      table in the narthex.  The      registration deadline is June 14th.


Do You Know the Bible?

Answers from last week:  (1) Ravens (2) 8 years old (3) Daniel (4) a serpent (5) Esther (6) Judas

  1. What was the shepherd Joseph’s father’s name?
  2. Jesus performed many miracles. One time he fed 5,000 people with how many loaves of bread and how many fish?
  3. Who baptized Jesus in the Jordon River?
  4. When Jesus was about two years old an angel appeared to Joseph telling him to flee with Mary and the baby to what country?
  5. What were the three gifts given by the wise men?
  6. Whom did God call on to part the Red Sea?

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