News Letter: June 25, 2014

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June 25, 2014

All-church Picnic this Sunday

This Sunday is our annual all-church picnic following  worship. This event is sponsored by AMPT and all are  invited. AMPT is furnishing the BBQ and everyone else  is asked to bring a side-dish. There will be games, music, dancing and food for all!

Worship this week is being lead by Rev. Matthew  George. Pastor Ann will be attending the closing worship service for St. Mark’s Presbyterian Church in Van  Nuys on Sunday morning.

 Summer Stewardship is Important

Invariably giving and the paying of pledges drops off considerably during the summer months, so this can serve as a reminder to keep your pledge current during June, July  and August. It is through stewardship that we return to God the first portion of all that God has given to us. It is a way to thank God for blessing us with special gifts. Most  of us have made life-long commitments to follow Jesus no matter what the cost and we know that cannot be expressed in just one single action. Most of us would agree that it is a very rewarding way of life in which our personal relationship with Jesus is enriched and deepened every day. It is through the sharing of our time, our resources  and our talents that we make the world a better place, a  safer place and a more peaceful place for all to live. In the  true spirit of stewardship we are asked to give from substance and not just from our abundance. We graciously  give back to God the first portion of all the gifts God has given us. Make sharing a top priority. There is nothing  more rewarding than giving Jesus our best.

Psalm 92: 12-14

The righteous shall flourish like a palm tree; they shall grow like a cedar in Lebanon. Those who  are planted in the house of God shall flourish in the courts of God. They shall still bear fruit in  old age: they shall be fresh and flourishing.


The Birthday Carpet Campaign

Sunday, July 6th will be the last chance to contribute to Pastor Ann’s Birthday Carpet and Flooring Campaign.  So far we have over $2000 to replace the carpet in the offices. Thanks so much!  Pastor Ann is very HAPPY!

Graduation Sunday to Honor Graduates

During worship this Sunday we will honor our college, elementary and preschool graduates. Plan to be here to offer them your support.

There will be a very important Town Hall meeting on Sunday, July 13th following worship and we want as many people to     participate as is possible. We will offer a light lunch and then we will be     taking a survey as we begin to look to the future of St. Paul’s.


Prt 114 Being Presbyterian

We have been focusing more of our attention toward evangelism and membership lately. We have had conversations in our session meetings about the differences between members and participants, bap-tized members and confirmed members. Some of us have been members since we were small children and others of us have come to an understanding of faith as adults. Some of us have made the decision to actually join St. Paul’s; others of us belong to churches that for whatever reason we cannot attend but we feel an allegiance to so we keep our membership there and worship at St. Paul’s. Other’s of us are from a generation of young folks that find organized religion or membership in any organized entity to be unnecessary or not a part of our experience.

The church has so much to offer people  and it is natural for us to want to share it  with others. The sharing of the love we have received from God with others is a pivotal part of our Christian commit-ment.

Many of us know a formerly or un-churched person (someone who used to go to church but doesn’t anymore). I would like you to engage/talk with them and just find out why. Are they mad? Are they rebelling? Are they feeling awkward about coming back? Is being Presbyterian cool? Being Christian? Is Bible Study important? Is there a new or different way we could engage with them on their spiritual journey? Offer to pray with them. Invite them to join us for  worship this summer.

Do You Know the Bible?

Answers to last week’s questions: (1) Nazareth, (2) day six, (3) Mary Magdalene, (4) “And a time to pluck up what is planted.” (5) fisherman, (6) tax collection.

1. In what town did Mary and Martha live?

2. What did Zacchaeus give to the poor?

3. What did Jesus turn into wine?

4. What type of wood did Noah use to build the ark?

5. What did Noah use to keep the ark from leaking?

6. What weapons did David have to fight Goliath?