News Letter: June 11, 2014

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 Father’s Day:  Catherine Hughes to Preach


“Our Father” is the title of Rev. Catherine Hughes’ sermon for this Sunday.  The scripture texts will be Genesis 6:9-22 and Luke 15:11-24.  This is also Trinity Sunday according to the liturgical calendar


A New Mantra for St. Paul’s:  “Yes, if. . . not no because”

Last Sunday I introduced to St. Paul’s a new “mantra” for us to put into practice particularly as we begin to talk about the future of this church:  “Yes, if. . .  not, no because.”  This is a great recalibration of our mindset from the negative to the affirmative. It is no longer “We’ve tried this” or “That won’t work here because we’ve always done it this way!” Or my personal favorite “We’re different”. “Yes, we can reach that intended goal if we pray about it, if we plan it well…” now becomes the substitute for “No, we cannot do that here because…” This is like learning a new language, it is about attitudinal adjustment, it is transformational thinking.   It is a great way to put our fears into a new light. This transports us from that worse-case scenario into the realm of distinct possibility.  So it is all about “Yes, if. . . not no because!”  Practice this at home or at school or at work.  Take note of when it is really hard to say “Yes” and when it isn’t. Then ask yourself, “Why is it so hard for me to accept change?”

 Family Fun Day this Sunday

Following worship this Sunday our Evangelism Ministry Team will be sponsoring a Family Fun Day with food and games and prizes for everyone, so plan to stay following worship and engage in this afternoon of fellowship and fun.  There is no cost.


Calling all Graduates

Do you know someone who is graduating this Spring from pre-school or elementary school or high school or college?  Make sure their names get to the church office.  We will honor our grads on June 29th.

All church Picnic Scheduled for June 29th

AMPT will be hosting our annual church picnic on Sunday, June 29th immediately following worship.  They will furnish the meat and the drinks. Please sign up in the Fellowship Hall to bring a side dish.  There will be dancing and games as well.  Invite your friends!

Part 113

Being Presbyterian

This Friday I leave for a week in Detroit where I will serve as an elected commissioner to the PC(USA) General Assembly which is holding its 221st gathering there.   It is an honor to “represent” Pacific Presbytery as one of their teaching elder commissioners.

All of the business to come before this assembly (all reports, Overtures and Commissioner Resolutions) has been assigned to one of 15 committees.  I will served on Committee 13 which involves Theological Issues and Institutions.  Part of our business will be to discuss the Belhar Confession.  Other items of interest to come before this assembly are the Middle East conflict and the possibility of divestment, ecumenical and interfaith relationships, social justice issues, sexuality education curriculum for teens, concerns related to the Board of Pensions and the Presbyterian Foundation, congregational vitality and immigration and environmental concerns to list but a few topics.   Whew!

Following two days of deliberation in committee we will then meet as a group of the whole where the final decisions will be made. There will be lots of worship and mission tours and an exhibit hall and a  Serv gift shop and a Cokesbury book store as well.

We will wrap up our deliberations on Saturday, June 21st.  It is my hope to dispatch news from GA to you while I’m there, but it can be a very busy time, so it will be as time allows.


Church of the Redeemer is hosting a

Juneteenth Celebration

on  Sunday, June 22nd   starting at 4 PM.

                                                 All are welcome!                                                

              For more information call (310) 753-1372

Do You Know the Bible?

The answers to last weeks questions:  (1) A heart that understands the difference between right and wrong (2) Four days (3) Esther (4) Jesus or John the Baptist (5) 100 (6) Leprosy.

  1. 1.      What town did Joseph and Mary live in when the angel Gabriel        visited them?
  2. 2.      On what day of creation did God create man and woman? 
  3. 3.      To whom did Jesus first appear after his resurrection?
  4. 4.      Complete this Bible verse from Ecclesiastes:  “A time to be born, and a time to die, a time to plant. . .”
  5. 5.      What was Peter’s profession in the Bible?
  6. 6.      What did Zacchaeus do for a living?