News Letter July 23, 2014

A unique Christian community bound by God’s love, sharing our love with others                                                                                                                                                                                                                        July 23, 2014


St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church

Worship in Fellowship Hall this Week

We will worship one more week in the Fellowship Hall as our sanctuary continues to be refurbished.  We are going to be talking about the Kingdom of God this week and will be using the parable of the mustard seed told by Jesus in Matthew 13:31-33.  Michelle Dixon will be serving as the Lay Liturgist and this will be the Chancel Choir’s last Sunday before their August break.




 Transformational Ministry in the City

Lets start with the word transform: a. to change in composition or structure, b. to change the outward form or appearance of, c. to change in character or condition.

Yes, it is about change. There is no getting around it. So, church and transformation together is about the church changing. No, this is not change for change sake. This is about change for God’s sake and the world’s sake. Notice this does not say for our sake. Church is not about us, it is about God’s work in the world. Therein is a major insight into one of the ways we need to change!!Of course, it is somewhat about us, but only as we are in service to God’s redeeming work through Jesus Christ in the world.

The impetus for transformation comes from the realization that things have changed (and are changing) in the world enough that the church has got to pay attention. The day of the professional minister is over. The day of the missionary pastor has come. The day of the churched culture is over. The day of the mission field has come. The day of the local church is over. The day of the mission outpost has come.  What does all of this hold for St. Paul’s?

 Have you turned in your survey?

Two weeks ago the session invited you all to lunch following worship and asked you to fill out a survey.  We really appreciate your participation in this and we thank you for your cooperation.  Now, it seems that some of you took the survey home and we need to get those back, so if you have the survey in your possession please fill it out and bring it back this Sunday.  Session is eager to pull together the information gathered in this questionnaire.  If you didn’t get a copy of the survey and you would like to fill one out, call the church office and one will be sent to you.


Congregational Meeting

There will be a brief congregational meeting following worship this Sunday for the sole purpose of changing our by-laws from two (2) to three (3) years for the length of term elders and deacons serve.

 Part 117

Being Presbyterian


There has been much in the news about the conflict in Palestine and Israel these past two weeks.  The Presbyterian Church has had a presence in this area in the form of two international missionaries.  Let me introduce them:

Jake Fraser is a member of St. Columba by-the-Lake Presbyterian Church in Pointe-Claire, Quebec. Jake spent three months in 2013 in Jayyus, a village along the Israeli West Bank barrier. Jake graduated in 2013 with an Honours degree in International Studies from Bishop’s University in Quebec. Jake wrote of his experience in Jayyus: “It’s hard to believe how much my life has changed.”

Magan Haycock, a member of Calvin Presbyterian Church in Abbotsford, BC, served in Tulkarm from November until February 2014. Tulkarm is a Palestinian town in the northwest corner of the West Bank. Magan graduated in 2013 with an Honours degree majoring in Political Sciences from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario.

Let us keep this area in our prayers!

Do You Know the Bible?

The answers to last weeks questions:  (1) John, (2) six, (3) two by two, (4) twelve, (5) in a fiery furnace, (6) twenty shekels.

  1. How many commandments did God give to Moses?
  2. In which book of the Bible will you find the story of Adam and Eve?
  3. Who went to heaven in a chariot of fire?
  4. God told Abraham that his offspring would be as numerous as what two things?
  5. Who told David to flee from King Saul?
  6. Which prophet anointed Davis as King?