News Letter: August 27, 2014

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 Contemporary Jazz Service this Sunday

This Sunday is the fifth Sunday in August and as is our tradition AMPT will be leading in worship.  Howlett Smith will be back on the organ and keyboard this week and we have organized a service of contemporary, religious jazz music, prayer and meditation.  Please bring your friends and plan to attend.

A Prayer for (Honest-to God) Work

Great God, you are wind in the dark, fire on the far hill, cold water in a desert time: we have always known that we are all on the stormy heath. We have always known that justice without a roof is no justice at all; that a justice with no walls is a travesty; that a justice nailed to thin air is a desecration of the human heart.

There is, after all, only one family in the long view— the view from the eye of God, which looks to every corner of earth. No child lives outside of our care, when human hearts beat within us— the ones you gave us, so like your own. Come, spirit of God, spirit of love, spirit of kindness spirit of tenderness, spirit of generosity, spirit of justice… mighty spirit of all prophets in all times. Call us alive to a work worthy of us and you.  Amen

Engaging Faithfully in Cultures of Violence


“Engaging Faithfully in Reconciliation and Peacemaking in Cultures of Violence” is a mission event being sponsored by Pacific Presbytery on September 27th at Knox Presbyterian Church from 8:30 am to 2:25 pm. The cost is a recommended donation of  $15 and child care will be provided. If you have questions or to register go to or call (310) 670-5076.

Is your pledge paid up?

We know how easy it is during the summer to forget to pay your pledge, so please make sure that your pledge to St. Paul’s is paid and up to date.  Thanks so much for your support!

Part 122

Being Presbyterian

Part A:  A Social Creed for the 21st Century  was actually written in 1908 to address the harsh practices in early 20th Century industrialization.  It is based on John 10:10 which states, “. . . That all may have life, and have it abundantly.”  This creed was approved by our General Assembly in 2008.

Inspired by Isaiah’s vision of a “peaceable kingdom,” we honor the dignity of every person and the intrinsic value of every creature, and pray and work for the day when none “labor in vain or bear children for calamity.” (Isaiah 65:23).

The creed contains three sections . The first celebrates the full humanity of each woman, man and child, all created in the divine image as individuals of infinite worth, by working for full civil, political and economic rights for all; no forced labor, human trafficking or exploited children; employment for all; the rights of workers to organize and share in workplace decisions; protection from dangerous working conditions and benefits that would enable full family life;  and a system of criminal rehabilitation, based on restorative justice and an end to the death penalty.

Next week we will explore the second section which lifts up the deep connections of our human family and the following week we will cover the third section which makes a pledge for us to be peacemakers in the world and stewards of God’s good creation.   You can read more at

The national Self Development of People (SDOP) committee will be meeting in LA on September 20th for a Partnership Day.  If you know of an agency that would qualify for SDOP funding, please let them know about this.

Do You Know the Bible?

Answers to last weeks questions:  (1) Stephen (2) seven (3) They blew trumpets and smashed jars. (4) ravens (5) eight years old (6) Daniel

  1. What town did Joseph and Mary live in when the angel Gabriel visited them?
  2. On what day of creation did God create humanity?
  3. To whom did Jesus first appear after his resurrection?
  4. Which disciple said, “Show us the father and it will be enough for us”  while talking to Jesus?
  5. How long did it take for Nehemiah and the other Israelites to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem?
  6. What was God’s sign of promise to Noah about never flooding the whole earth again?