News Letter August 22, 2014

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St. Paul’s Weekly E-Newsletter

“Giving Gifts”  Is this Week’s Sermon Title

This week’s lectionary sermon text is a familiar passage from Romans 12:1-8.  Our guest organist this week will once again be Robert Galbreath.


Habitat for Humanity Building In Southern California

I am thankful to Roche Vermaak from Brentwood Presbyterian Church for the following information.  Here is a great way to get involved in mission beyond our own walls:
We have a FREE Habitat for Humanity build day on Thursday September 11 in Lynwood from 9-3:30. 9/11 is the National Day

Please email Chris (email below) if you can join us. Blessings,  Roché

From Habitat: We are in need of volunteers on September 11 on the build site in Lynwood. For more information or to volunteer email to confirm a spot. There is no charge for participating.

The 2014 Directory Is Now Available

We are indebted to Elders Frank Millin and Lois Hines for updating St. Paul’s Directory.  The latest edition of this will be available Sunday at worship.  Please remember to pick up your copy.

St. Paul’s sexton, Veronica Casillas, is recovering nicely from surgery and is very appreciative of the cards and best wishes for her recovery.  We are indebted to her husband and family for taking on her job during her absence.  She has been cleared by her doctor to return to work on September 8th. 

Part-time Weekend Janitor

St. Paul’s in currently looking for a part-time (3 hours) weekend janitor.  For more information or an application call the church office. 

Make sure that “Embracing God’s Mission” is on your calendar for September 27th at Knox Presbyterian Church.  This event sponsored by Pacific Presbytery will take an in-depth look at violence and how the church can both prevent and respond to violence in our families, schools and communities.  RSVP at

Part 121

Being Presbyterian

Our newsletter is late this week because I was attending a meeting of the Seminary Support Network in Chicago during the first half of the week.  Presbyterians take education very seriously (we touched on this a couple of weeks ago as our students started returning to school.)

It is understood throughout most of the Christian Reformed traditions that our clergy will be well trained.  For most that means an M.Div. degree — a Masters of Divinity.  Presbyterians maintain a network of ten seminaries to accomplish this task:

Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary

Columbia Theological Seminary

University of Dubuque Theological Seminary

Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary

McCormick Theological Seminary

Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

Princeton Theological Seminary

San Francisco Theological Seminary

Johnson C. Smith Theological Seminary

Union Presbyterian Seminary

I invite you to keep these institutions, their faculty and staff and their students in your prayers as a new school year begins.



Do You Know the Bible?

Answers to last week’s questions:  (1) over nine feet tall (2) sycamore (3) “Let my people go.” (4) Peter (5) Jonathon (6) Aaron.

Which of Jesus’ followers was stoned to death, becoming the first Christian martyr for Jesus Christ?

How many days did Joshua and the Israelites march around Jericho until the walls fell down?

How did Gideon’s army win against the Midianites?

What types of birds brought food and water to Elijah?

How old was Josiah when he became king of Judah?

Who was thrown into a den of lions?